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Heal your pain from home with a few simple tools


Chronic low back pain preventing you from doing all the activities you love?

Have you tried stretching your hamstrings, foam rolling your back, chiropractic adjustments, or massages with little to no results?

You're in the right place to:

⭐Learn why these methods haven't worked (hint: you're looking in the wrong places)

⭐Learn exactly WHERE to release and the MOST effective way to release those spots

⭐Understand how to interpret your body's messages so pain is no longer scary

⭐Significantly reduce your low back pain using a few simple tools from the comfort of home

⭐Feel results FAST


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The 14 day Lose Your Back Pain Course Includes:

🧡14 days of daily released content (only a 20 min time commitment each day!)

🧡Simple follow along foam rolling and movement routines

🧡Easy to digest education on why your back pain is happening so that you can keep it away

🧡A MONEY BACK GUARENTEE: if you complete this course and see zero improvement to your back pain, I truly want you to have your money back.

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Mara S.

"I love this approach to pain relief! I'm learning so much about myself and what my body needs. I'm feeling fantastic and finally getting back to my CrossFit workouts!"

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Cassie G.

"This worked! I rolled both sides out in the way you showed me as much as I could. I woke up with no back pain!!! You are a freaking wizard! Thank you so much!"

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Rachel B.

 "The low back pain mini course was a great introduction to how fascia release could make significant improvements in a short period of time. After 14 days, I walked away with improved mobility and valuable techniques I could continue to utilize moving forward."

You are only a few days away from relief!

All you will need is:

💥A foam roller (you probably already have this but haven't been taught how to effectively use it)

💥 A Coregeous® ball (only $15 on Amazon)

Stream this course anywhere from your phone, tablet, or computer.




They assume there's a problem with their back.

Most of the clients that come to me with low back pain have done the standard approaches:

💥Massages on their low back

💥Chiropractic adjustments on their back

💥 Stretching their low back (and hamstrings)

We can get distracted by the pain in that location.

BUT, in my experience working with clients the past decade with fascia release, 90% of the time the issue has NOTHING to do with the low back itself

There's other areas that need attention and they are simple to work on (if you know the right way to roll). That's what this course is all about!

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How I eliminated my own low back pain WITHOUT doctors, PT appointments, and expensive tools.⁣

Two yrs ago I had low back pain, slightly to the right side and it was releeeentless. It ached at work, it bothered me during workouts, and I couldn't hang out on the couch and watch a movie with my husband without restlessly shifting and being uncomfortable...⁣

At that time, I was so concerned with taking care of my clients and "being busy" with other parts of my life, I neglected working on my own problem.

This had been going on for about 6 months before I had a "come to Jesus" moment like--wait, why am I waiting to solve this? This is affecting my life every. single. day.

So I grabbed my $15 foam roller and started looking for tight, restricted fascia in my body. There was some trial and error. But I quickly discovered a clear pattern that I needed to unwind. Interestingly, all the areas that were contributing to my pain were NOT in my low back.

Armed with this knowledge and my specific style of effective foam rolling, a few weeks later I had no more back pain.⁣

Since then, I've been using those same tactics I learned for myself to help relieve back pain with my clients. To my excitement, they were also able find relief from their pain with a similar foam rolling program.

So instead of months of pain and thousands of dollars of massage, chiro, and doctor's appointments, why not tackle your pain with inexpensive tools on your own (and feel a SUBSTANTIAL difference in your pain in only 14 days)?

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Want to learn more about me and this crazy effective style of fascia release?

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