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Want to feel light, refreshed, and pain-free? Want to recover from exercise like a boss and get back to doing the activities you love? 

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The Roller Club membership is your virtual gateway for learning my most effective foam rolling techniques and how to use them for unlocking your movement, relieving pain, and healing yourself.

Gain access to my online library of techniques and guidance on how to create your perfect rolling routine. Plus, join me for weekly, virtual fascia release classes and live support so that your confidence in knowing how to eliminate your pain skyrockets!

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Lose your low back pain for good and get back to doing what you love in 10 weeks.

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Laura E. 

"Julia gave me my body back! I had deep, resistant pain and restriction patterns that I had accepted as my new reality. She’s the only one who has been able to show me how to free my body of tension and pain in such an efficient and lasting way. I feel young again!”

Kyle S.

"Julia is AMAZING. She's helped me with three separate issues. After each time, I felt like a brand new person. I can assure you and would be willing to put money on the fact that if you work with Julia, you will begin seeing results immediately! She listens to your injuries, addresses them property, is understanding and very personable. She is truly one of a kind! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Raymond T.

"Working with Julia allowed me to see my body in a completely new light. Her knowledge of the fascial network of the body and how it impacts our movement is worth its weight In gold. If you are trying to eliminate pain or increase range of motion check her out, she helped me accomplish both when I felt I’d hit a wall. She is knowledgeable, positive and encouraging who emphasizes building better balance in the body and promoting efficiency of movement. If you have any doubts just schedule an appointment and you’ll be a believer!"

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Come work with me at my office in Golden, CO! Experience fast pain relief with Kinetix, an insanely effective and powerful fascia release method. 

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