My community calls me the "Pain Relief Wizard"


I used to feel trapped in my body.


I had incessant tightness, limited mobility, and a heavy feeling of hopelessness. And then my world changed when I experienced fascia release.


For the past decade, I’ve been sharing this “best kept secret” to help hundreds reconnect with their body, eliminate their pain, and set their own limits.


We live in a world where disconnecting with our body and silencing its messages is the norm. Our culture leads us to believe we need to mask our symptoms with cortisone shots, pain pills, and even unnecessary surgeries.


There are many of you, however, who know deep down in your intuition that something's missing. There's got to be another way to overcome this chronic pain and stiffness, instead of slowly adding things to the list that you can no longer do because of it.


Welcome to the new world of fascia release! I help provide the tools and techniques to those seeking a new way to relieve pain and return to living the full, adventurous life they want. My goal is to help you find the root cause of your pain, learn how to trust your body, and tap into its incredible potential to heal. 


Tired of "managing" chronic pain, nerve pain, tendinitis, mobility issues or stiff joints?


I have my nickname for a reason. When you have the right tools, this work does indeed seem like magic...


What happens when a 10 pound baby gets stuck during birth? 


In my case, it resulted in the doctor tearing most of the nerves in my right shoulder in the process of pulling me out.


This damage rendered my arm pretty much useless, so I underwent a massive nerve re-graph surgery at only four months old. As crazy as it sounds, nerves were taken out of my legs and rerouted into my shoulder! While the surgery did help bring my arm somewhat back "online," I was still left with limited mobility and tightness.


Growing up, I went through the standard Western medicine system of occupational therapy and constant doctor check ups. I felt like a broken product on a conveyor belt. Slowly moving from person to person on an endless loop, continually rubber stamped as defective.


"Don't expect to play any sports," one doctor told me.

"This is never going to get any better."

"Manage it as best you can, but this is permanent and likely going to get worse as you get older."

(Yup, all real things that were said to me).


I felt angry and frustrated that someone else apparently got to decide that I was capable of. I had no reason not to believe these people of authority, however. The older I got, the deeper I harbored this inner feeling of hopelessness.


So I disconnected with my body. I ignored the tightness and let everything I tried in life go through the filter of "you probably can't do that because of your arm." I let myself live in a small, protected box.

Then my life changed in the foothills of Colorado...


I packed up all my belongings in the summer of 2010 (back when everything I owned could fit in my Ford Taurus) and left the hills of Cincinnati for the mountains of Colorado.


I was looking for a change, unaware that the universe would perfectly align me to meet and work with the Kinetix fascia release creator in Boulder.


This powerful work took me by complete surprise.


I saw more improvement in the look and feel of my arm in 3 months of fascia release work than I had in fifteen years of traditional treatments! I suddenly questioned everything I had believed and been told about "my condition." 


I felt the tightness finally begin to release. Muscles started firing for the first time. I experienced emotional releases as I processed the pain and grief of my surgery and feeling so trapped for so long.


I finally felt relief. Hope. FREEDOM.


While my journey is still in its process, my life has dramatically changed. I'm now a rock climber and mountaineer, taking on challenges and adventures I never would’ve believed I could do before. I pivoted hard into learning Kinetix and everything I could about fascia release. I've also integrated breathwork, mindset tools, and my own foam rolling tactics to continue improving my results. It felt incredible to take control of my own quality of life, instead of defining it by my limitations.


Here's what I've learned:

  • The medical system does not have all the answers when it comes to pain (in fact, I believe the standard approaches are very often counterproductive).
  • This system and our society have conditioned us to outsource our trust in our own body to “someone of medical authority.” This takes away our power and creates disconnection. But hey, if we learned it, we can unlearn it.
  • Addressing the root source instead of covering symptoms is the key to fast and lasting healing. Let’s stop “managing” pain and start eliminating it.
  • Learning to listen to your body and decode its messages can remove your fear of pain and unlock your power to heal
  • The right fascia release and tools for re-balancing our body can give us the ability to heal ourselves.


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with you! It would be an honor to help you on your healing journey.

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Let's figure out why your specific pain or limitation is happening, what fascia patterns to release, and build you a customized routine via Zoom!

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5 Random Things About Me


  • Despite my nerve damage, I worked my ass off to become a competitive volleyball player. I won many awards, set a high school record, and even earned a scholarship to play D2 ball in college.
  • I am obsessed with my dogs, Reggie and Lando. Chasing each other around the house is our favorite pastime and it’s possible I have as many full conversations with them as I have with my husband
  • I’m a coffee connoisseur. Like, monthly subscription from a fancy coffee roaster in Portland kind of connoisseur.
  • I am a girl unafraid to drop an f-bomb
  • I love being called a pain relief wizard because I’m a not-so-closet Harry Potter fan and aim to be channeling my inner wizard at all times



  • Kinetix practitioner
  • Postural alignment specialist
  • Corrective exercise specialist
  • Level 2 Enlifted Coach
  • Rossiter practitioner
  • Bachelor's in Exercise Physiology
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Jeff T.

"True master of her trade. Julia has fixed me from not being able to move my leg to skiing Mary Jane bumps for days. Bonus: she is an awesome person!"

Sydney M.

"I injured myself lifting back in November. I have had constant lower back pain slowly getting better ever since. I took Julia's foam rolling class for back pain and instantly reduced my pain to almost nothing over night. She's very well spoken and explains everything very well. Thank you so much Julia!"