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How to Get Kinetix Style Results with a Foam Roller

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2021
You Denver locals likely know me as "the girl who steps on people" and helps her clients get incredible results. While I do highly recommend having this work done by a trained professional, there's no need to fear, non-locals! You actually can get similar results with a foam roller.⁣
How, you ask?⁣
Because I teach foam rolling based on Kinetix principles.⁣
Fascia doesn't change easily, so in order to get it to let go and release, we need:⁣
#1. A powerful compression⁣
#2. Intentional, 3D cross-fibering action⁣
In my practice, that powerful compression comes from my foot (check out the above video).⁣
When you are at home, you can get a less intense, but still effective compression from a foam roller.⁣
Once the area of restricted fascia is pinned, it's time to cross-fiber the tissue to release it!
In my practice, I talk people through an intentional, specific range of motion.
When you're at home, I teach you very similar (or the same exact) movements while you are on your roller.⁣
While it's true that the level of compression is greater when I am "stepping on you", we are still able to change fascia using these two basic principles. In this time when we might be unable to see a practitioner in person, it's still possible to relieve pain and refresh your movement with a simple, $15 tool. 
Ready to ditch your excuses and heal your pain from home?
Check out Roller Club! This virtual membership includes all my best fascia release techniques and routines for:
*relieving pain
*understanding where your pain is coming from
*detoxing your lymphatic system (which lives in your fascia)
*recovering from your workouts
*improving your mobility
*reducing the impact of stress on your body
And more! There's even a free 7 day trial. Click the link about for all the details and happy rolling!

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