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Do you have nagging pain holding you back from activities you love? Have you already tried heat packs, stretching, physical therapy, or the latest jack-hammer-like tool with little to no improvement? Do you have a sneaking suspicion your doctor is full of crap and these "standard treatments" are simply masking your symptoms without solving the issue?

You're in the right place to:

⭐Eliminate pain on your own using a few simple tools

⭐Understand how to interpret your body's messages so pain is no longer scary

⭐Recover from workouts like a boss

⭐Deeply hydrate and detox all your cells

⭐Reduce the impact of stress on your body 

⭐Feel lighter, looser, and younger

⭐Do any and all activities that bring you joy

It's possible to lose your pain and start feeling AMAZING in your body. And it starts with releasing fascia.

ROLLER CLUB is your virtual gateway for learning how to unlock your movement, relieve pain, and heal yourself. Simply grab your foam roller!


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The Roller Club Membership Includes:


🧡Access to my extensive online video library with pain specific routines, recorded live classes, how-to's for all my fascia release techniques, breathwork sessions and more.

🧡Resources for how to build your own routines, discover the root source of your pain, reverse the affects of stress, and move from feeling limited to feeling amazing!

🧡Live foam rolling + breathwork classes (times announced monthly)

🧡New videos and classes uploaded each month so you can always discover new ways to recover faster, optimize your workouts, and understand what your body needs to thrive

🧡 Access to our private, online community for direct support from me and fellow Rollers! This is your safe space to ask questions, join live Q&As, and get exclusive members-only deals

Stream From Any Device!

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Bonus Features

In order for our body to integrate new changes quickly and easily, down regulating our nervous system is KEY.

When we are in pain, anxious, and stressed, our fascia will contract to protect us. The tighter our fascia is "bracing for impact," the more stiff and achy we feel.

As we learn the right tools for calming our nervous system, our fascia will get the message that it's ok to let go and change. We can teach our body to create the ideal environment for healing!

One of my favorite ways to access our parasympathetic nervous system and counteract stress is through breathwork. So, I've teamed up with breathwork coach Ally Fleckenstein to bring you bonus guided trainings inside Roller Club!

This powerful combination of down regulating + the right fascia release techniques will help reconnect you with your body and amplify your results.

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3 Months (Best Value!)


  • Only $37/month
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Nicole R.

“This work has totally changed my outlook on movement. I used to think being strong meant pushing through pain or injury. I finally stopped treating my body like this machine that does stuff and needs to be bent into shape. I listen to it better and work with it. I’ve healed several old injuries now--my shoulder, knee, hip, and hamstring--and I am stronger and more resilient than I’ve ever been. I’m in LOVE with the classes!”

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Cameron K.

"I'm an adventurer. I've jumped, fallen, scraped, and slammed in more ways than I can count. The pain adds up. I've tried many modalities for healing my pain patterns, and nothing--nothing!--has worked for me like working with Julia has. After a couple of weeks of rolling routines, my walking pattern has noticeably less tension. I'm excited to see where things go! I can't recommend Julia enough."

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Kristin L.

"Foam rolling my quads has been a game changer! I've been pain free from low back pain since I started doing this consistently. It's amazing!"

What does a typical live class look like?


🧡5 min of deep breathing and grounding to improve body awareness

🧡45 min of total body fascia release with your foam roller (and occasionally other fascia release tools) and mobility improving movements to integrate new patterns

🧡10 minutes of breathwork lead by coach Ally Fleckenstein

🧡Focus and techniques shift class to class for variety!

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Courtney B.

"I want to tell you how freaking HAPPY I am that I'm no longer in PAIN! I have been doing the moves you recommend and it has helped so help! Thank you!"

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Kevin H.

"The proof is in the pudding. You have been a godsend for me in a huge way. I can't thank you enough! I'm covering the miles I want pain free from tendinitis because of the techniques you showed me!"

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Dave D.

"After a year of lower back pain, rolling and stretching my quads and the other areas in my legs has me back to 95% already! I am able to squat and deadlift again and I rode my bike 15 miles this week. Can't thank you enough!!!"

Lose Your Fear of Pain


 As a former collegiate athlete and currently avid climber, hiker, and barre class lover, I've suffered my share of crippling knee pain, whiplash-like neck pain, and nagging low back pain.

I understand the toll it takes on your mental state and your ability to pursue the active life you want! When I first felt that intense knee pain a few years back, I was devastated. I remember thinking "if this means I can't hike mountains anymore, my life is over." 

Luckily, there was no need to go full drama queen. Using what I know about fascia and pain patterns as a Kinetix practitioner, I was able to resolve all these problems on my own through strategic fascia release! 

Over the years, I've realized these fascia release techniques provided more than physical results. They helped me improve my body awareness and better understand my body's messages so I could look at my pain with curiosity instead of fear. Pain was only a signal that something was off and I felt confident I could troubleshoot any issues that came up.

Can you imagine having no fear of pain because you trust your ability to heal yourself? This is a skill I want to pass to you!

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Unlock Your Fascia, Unlock Your Potential

Although Western medicine has its time and place, treating symptoms or only the area that hurts is an outdated model. The most effective and holistic solution lies within your fascial system!

Your fascia is the most abundant tissue you have and the only system that touches all the rest (skeletal, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous). So restoring the health of your fascia improves the function of your ENTIRE body! 

Releasing tight, stuck together, and dehydrated fascia can:

  • Decrease and eliminate pain (tendinitis, fasciitis, chronic pain, etc)
  • Increase your mobility (the ability of your joint to move easily and completely)
  • Improve blood flow (blood is critical in order to heal an area in pain)
  • Detox your tissue
  • Restore your ability to absorb shock
  • Deeply hydrate all of your cells (which helps them get the nutrients they need and regenerate faster)
  • Make you feel young, light, and springy

You can release your fascia at home on your own schedule with a few simple tools!

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Roller Club is For:

✔️Motivated Go-Getters who are ready to do the necessary work to get out of pain and looking for the tools and the routine.

✔️Athletes of all levels who are invested in understanding their body, are determined to return to an activity they love, and/or optimize their movement

✔️Chronic Pain Sufferers looking for a new tactic and encouragement to find the solution 

✔️Self Betterment Enthusiasts who have an open mindset, want to connect with their body, and learn new ways to optimize both their body and movements.