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Have you been hearing about this crazy "getting stepped on" thing?


Have you landed here after hearing from one of my clients talked about this incredible "being stepped on" thing?

Are you curious about what exactly IS this method creating such transformational results?

Kinetix™ is a powerful method of fascia release that helps heal dysfunction and pain in the fascial, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems.

As your Kinetix Practitioner, I pin your fascia with some or all of my body weight (via the feet) and then ask your fascia to change itself (through movement) from the inside out. You are essentially using me, the practitioner, as a tool to heal yourself. I will help coach you through this process!

The reason this work is so effective is because we’re engaging multiple systems at the same time. We simultaneously utilize your skeletal, muscular, and nervous system. We are also using a truly holistic view of the body. This combination helps create fast and lasting changes within the fascial matrix.

The goal of every session is to “map” your body’s fascial structure. Meaning we find and release adhesions, discover areas of restriction, and identify any imbalances you may have. We may talk about whether or not certain muscles are firing and what strength training may be required if they’re not. If your tissue has inflammation, we may also discuss nutritional habits to implement in order to detoxify your tissue and heal faster.

This work can reverse tension and pain quickly, put you in touch with your body and its many messages in a powerful new way, and allow you to move through life with confidence and ease.


My in-person schedule is currently full! Please email [email protected] to get put on the waitlist

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Our Movement Partnership


We are embarking on your journey to heal, move freely, and excel at your athletic endeavors together. We will both be learning about your specific areas that need to be released. I believe that your body already knows what’s wrong and what it needs. We just have to decode it’s messages. This process requires listening, communicating and being open to learn.


Yes, you are getting stepped on. Strong language, strong emotions, and strong reactions are encouraged. I truly believe this process can be fascinating and even fun! I hope to pass on the excitement of learning about yourself, your fascia, and your movement potential.


I know from experience that healing can be hard work, so I promise to encourage you and make sure you feel safe. Hopefully you can laugh through some of it! I typically do. As well as curse just a little…


If you are willing to take the time to understand your body, you will see how amazing it is and how much control you have over your own quality of life. I will help you look at pain as a tool for deciphering what your body needs so you no longer need to be afraid of it. I will never say “you can’t do that activity you love anymore.” I will only encourage you on your path towards free, unrestricted movement.


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Shaylyn D.

"Before my daughter and I met Julia neither of us were able to play volleyball – our favorite sport. My daughter dislocated her knee twice in three months and I hadn’t played volleyball in six years because I hurt of a shoulder injury. Both of us were in bad shape and just wanted to get back to playing the game we loved. A friend of mine suggested that we see Julia because of her ability in restorative rehab. After just a few visits – we were both back to playing the game we loved and my daughter even picked up a new passion of kickboxing. We couldn’t have done it without Julia!"

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Kyle S.

"Julia is AMAZING. I have been going to her since October 2017 and I’ve been to her for 3 separate issues. Every time after a few appointments, I feel like a brand new person. I can assure you and would be willing to put money on the fact that if seen by Julia, you will begin seeing results immediately! She listens to your injuries, addresses them property, is understanding and very personable. She is truly one of a kind! HIGHLY RECOMMEND"

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Stacy S.

"Since I had lived for decades with ankle pain from shattering it when I was in college, it just became something I learned to accept and deal with. When I met Julia, however, she was super excited to see if she could help reduce the pain level, and went to work right away. I almost didn't believe it when my ankle pain went down, and the rest of my connected body felt relief. What? Julia is trustworthy, skilled, and a gift, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in pain. Truth be told, she is my very first thought whenever anyone actually mentions any sort pain. 5 out of 5, highly recommend."

Kinetix can help with:

  • Tendonitis (tennis elbow, runner’s knee, etc)
  • Plantar fasciitis and foot pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Exercise induced aches, pains, and stiffness
  • Carpal tunnel and numbness
  • Pinched nerves and sciatica
  • Hip pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • And much more




If you are nerding out because this thing called fascia is so interesting, here is a more in depth look at what fascia is and why it plays such a critical role in your movement. 

Fascia, also known as connective tissue, encases just about everything in our bodies. In fact, it’s the most abundant tissue we have!

I like to use the analogy that it’s like “plastic wrap” that wraps around muscle fibers and groups, tendons and ligaments, organs, bones, nerves, and even arteries and veins. 

Fascia connects ligaments to bones, holds organs in place, and maintains your body structure even more than your skeletal system! In fact, if your fascial system were to disappear from your body, you would just fall to the floor in a pile of bones and goo (great image, right?). So you can think of your fascia like a 3D, internal suit of “plastic wrap” you wear that gives you your shape and texture. 

Fascia also holds our potential to move freely (or not). Your layers of fascia should glide easily over each other, like there is oil between those layers of plastic wrap. Your joints should move like everything is “greased.” Blood can flow, your lymphatic system can detox , and even your nerves can communicate quickly and uninhibited. Since fascia wraps around everything, it plays a role in all of these systems in your body.

Healthy fascia is essential for healthy movement!


My in-person schedule is currently full! Please email [email protected] to get put on the waitlist

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Why does tight fascia cause pain?


Ready for analogy number two? When fascia is healthy, it functions like a wet sponge. It continuously soaks up essential nutrients and squeezes out toxins. Fascia also has a spring-like quality much like a sponge: you can easily squeeze inward or twist it any direction, and it will bounce right back to it’s right shape. This resilient quality enables your body to move with ease, without restriction, and at its optimal level.

Unfortunately, life can throw stress, trauma, overuse and even underuse into the mix, causing your fascia to twist into knots, stick together, shrink, and become dehydrated. Now, parts of your fascia are like a dry sponge. It’s hard and brittle. If you tried to squeeze inward or twist it, the sponge would hardly move or even break apart. Nutrients aren’t being absorbed, toxins are not coming out, shock isn’t being absorbed or distributed, and mobility becomes restricted. Fascia can even shrink enough to constrict blood vessels and pinch nerves. When optimal mobility is lost, this can result in pain, decreased range of motion, increased risk of injury, and muscle compensation.

Your fascia requires space so that blood can flow and movement can happen.

Good news!

Space in your fascia can be restored. If you mobilize your fascia (“pull out the wrinkles in the plastic wrap”) and thereby allow blood flow back to your tissue (“water to hydrate the sponge), you can be free to move how and when you want.

It doesn’t matter what age you are: if you have healthy fascia, you can move easily, confidently, and without pain.

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Darian W.

"You have found yourself on this page, now find yourself to Julia. Don't even waste your time second guessing it. If you are in pain, she is the person you NEED to see! As a kickboxer, I have issues in my hips and shoulders. She is my go to gal when I need fixed back up in fighting shape. She truly takes her time to sit with you and discover what is causing the underling issues. With her knowledge, the provision she takes that is necessary for the health of each individual person, and her professionalism, makes her the top specialist in Colorado to see! Highly recommend!"

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Terra S.

"Julia does literally magical work. I have gone to her with chronic neck pain, plantar fasciitis, and back pain and within 1-2 sessions I walk out completely pain free every time. Her fascia body work is super unique and pretty much immediately effective. During the work you actively participate which I believe is what makes the results so quick. I have gone to PTs, chiropractors, advanced massage therapists, and no one gets me out of pain faster than Julia. I recommend my patients, family members, and friends with any type of musculoskeletal pain to her. She has prevented unneeded surgeries and cortisone injections, and helped me and so many people I know live pain free lives. I seriously could not imagine my life without her!"

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Lisa M.

"I've been working with Julia for nearly two years and she has done for me what nothing else could! I had plantar fasciitis so bad that I could barely stand on my feet, much less walk. The tightness in my feet caused other issues throughout my lower back and legs. I had tried everything — massage, acupuncture, stretching, custom orthotic inserts, visits to a podiatrist, epsom salt baths, CBD/THC balms, you name it. None of it worked. Julia knows exactly the areas of my body that are the problem and has helped me immensely! My pain is nearly gone (I have to keep up on the exercises), I am active and exercising again, and I have lost over 35 lbs. in the last year."

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